Renewable Energy Devices

Power Converters
Grid Feed This converter is used in applications where DC power is generated and fed as AC power into the grid via a seperate meter or the meter feeding the home or residence. The device does not allow battery backup or feeding the local appliances if the grid is off. The device is fully electronic and will start operating at availability of 20 watts of solar power up to 2000 watts.
No longer available! Replaced with Local Feed device (below)!
Local & Grid Feed This converter can feed local appliances as well as the grid and works on a novel generator design combining a brushless DC motor driving a single phase or 3 phase AC generator. The device can be driven from backup batteries and has an efficiency of better than 89%. If there is not sufficient solar power the device's controller can be programmed to either switch off thus not requiring any power or to automatically provide power from batteries.

This device runs of any DC source like Batteries, Photovoltaic Cells as well as Fuel-Cells.
Battery Feed This device allows maximum charge for a lead acid battery from any voltage from 10 volts to 25 volts, keeping the trickle charge voltage at 18, 36 or 72 volts for banks of 1, 2 or four lead acid batteries in series.
Utility Feed Turn-key solutions of 'green' renewable energy for utility scale electrical power generation or de-salination plants. Ringdale provides design services within the Group of Companies with experienced electronic and mechanical design engineers to provide the solution that fits your requirement.
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